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10.Acta Oceanologica Sinica (In English) (SCIE)

Review Editor

1.  Review Editor, Member of the Review Board of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

2.  Member of The Review Board of Tropical Oceanology Sinica

     Invited Instructor for Special Training Workshops

       Feb 2005,   Satellite Application on Marine
                      Environments and Resource.
                      Taiwan  Ocean University, Taiwan.

      Aug 2005,  Fishery Application Training Using
Satellite Remote Sensing. Malaysia Center for Remote Sensing. Malaysia.

2005 May. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), World Conservation Monitoring Center (WCMC). Cambridge, UK.

Invited Visiting Research

2002 Department of Oceanography, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
2001 Research Institute of Oceanography, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

National Center for Ocean Research, and Taiwan University, Taiwan

2000  Department of Fishery Science,  and Remote Sensing Center, The National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan
1999 Center for Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies, Tohoku University, Japan
1999 College of Marine Environmental, Xiamen University, China
1998 Marine Biology Research Station of Daya Bay, China
1998 The National University of Singapore, Singapore
1997 Graduate School of Oceanography, The University of Rhode Island, USA
1997 Canadian Remote Sensing Society, Ottawa, Canada

Marine Science Department, The University of South Florida, USA


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, Baltimore, USA

2005, June,
Global Environmental Outlook
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Nairobi, Kenya
1995 Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Bermuda
1995 The National Taiwan Ocean University, and National Taiwan University, Taiwan
1990-1991 Department of Microbiology, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
1986-1987 The Institute of Zoology of Kunmin, Academic Sinica, China

  Invited Lectures/ Public Seminars

July 2002 Lectures: Remote sensing of upwellings in the Asian waters. International Workshop /Training on Fisheries Biology and Management. International Cooperation and Development Fund, ROC. Keelung, Taiwan.
July 2002 Special seminar: Remote sensing of short-term variability of phytoplankton blooms
associated with a cold eddy in the North-Western Arabian Sea. National Center for Ocean Research (NCOR). Taiwan National University, Taipei, Taiwan.
June 2002 Lectures: Satellite remote sensing of ocean color and SST for monitoring of the Asian waters and coastal environments. Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
May  2002
Lecture: Coastal Marine Environment and Phytoplankton Ecology in Surrounding Waters of Hong Kong. School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University. Sendai, Japan
July  2001 Lectures: Monitoring of coastal waters by satellite remote sensing images. Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
June 2000 Seminar: Intensive satellite ocean colour research on the Asian waters. Earth Observation Research Center (EORC), National Space Development Agency, Tokyo, Japan
August 2005
Satellite Receiving Station,
Malaysia Center for Remote Sensing, Malaysia
May  2000

Seminar: Seasonal changes of pigment concentration and sea surface temperature in Chinese coastal oceans. National Center for Ocean Research, Taiwan 

May  2000  Seminar: Seasonal changes of pigment concentration and sea surface temperature in Chinese coastal oceans. National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan

Sep, 2007, Moscow, Russia
Natural Resources, Environment Protection and Sustainable Development, Russian-Chinese Scientific Top Level Forum,


Aug  1999

Lectures: Remote Sensing Research on Chinese Seas. 1999 Graduate Student Summer Institute in Environmental Research. China. Organised by the State Education Ministry of China at Xiamen University. 1999 全国环境科学研究生暑期学校.中 国教 育 部,  China

July 1998

Keynote Speaker: Remote sensing research on coastal environment in China. The Youth and the Oceans. Organised by the Government of Macao. Macao

Nov  1997

Seminar: Remote sensing analysis on phytoplankton blooms and red tides in South China Sea. Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

Apr  1997 Lectures: Remote sensing analysis of environment, ecology and marine biology in Macao.Institute Polytechnic of Macao, Macao
Nov  1996

Lecture: Remote sensing on ocean color and sea surface temperature for research on red tide.Jinan University, Guangzhou, China



2005 Feb. Taiwan Ocean University. Left 3, Professor Lee KT, President of TOU