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 Hi, Lingzis and Guangming


Hi Lingzis and Guangming,
How is everything? I've just submitted my application form for West China Volunteer Program, so has Lijuan LIU. If we are chosen, we will go to West China in July and work there for a year, as a teacher or government official, or others. She'd like to go to Yunnan, and I'd like to go to Tibet. If I can go there, welcome to Tibet then.:-)

By Ciel  e-mail  

2006-04-20(Thu) 21:11

 |Hi, Ciel, and Lijuan,


Glad to know this exciting news. I wish your dreams come true in West China, and Yunnan, or Tibet.

By lingzis    

2006-04-21(Fri) 11:55

 回复: Hi, Lingzis and Guangming


Ciel, so glad to see you here. I know that Tibet is one of your dreams. I support you. I salute you. And I wish good luck to you all.
I progressed pretty well here.

By escort    

2006-04-21(Fri) 13:14




By 马永    

2006-04-20(Thu) 17:35

 |Hi, 马永, welcome you to this


知识交流的平台,一个心情愉悦的平台,and 一个多彩生活的平台!

By lingzis    

2006-04-21(Fri) 11:46

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