Defence of Ph.D thesis

Remote Sensing and Marine Ecology / Environment Group (RSMEE), LED, South China Sea Institute,

20 May, 2007

(1) Ph.D candidates: Wang Sufen, Zhao Hui, Yu Jing


(2) Committee members:

    1. Professor Shi Ping, Director, Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research for Sustainable Development (YIC), Chinese
    Academy of Sciences (CAS)
    2. Professor Jia XiaoPing, Director, South China Sea Fusheries Research Institute
    3 . Professor Han BoPing, Director, Institute of Hydrobiology, Jinan University
    4. Professor Wang DongXiao, Vice Director, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, CAS.
    5. Professor Wang AnLi, Director, Institute of Marine Biology, South China Normal University
    6. Professor Yuanzhi Zhang, Institute of Space and Earth Information Science (ISEIS), Chinese University of Hong Kong

    * Secretary: ZhongZheng (, RSMEE, SCSIO

(3) Titles of thesis

    1. Wang Sufen:
      Preliminary observation of Harmful algal blooms distribution in South China Sea and phytoplankton blooms related with 
      diurnal sea surface temperature

    2. Yu Jing:
      Long-term satellite remote sensing of algal bloom and water surface temperature in Daya Bay

    3. Zhao Hui:
      Variation of Phytoplankton and Primary Production influenced by Oceanographic Environments in the South China Sea